Set during the early years of the Tudor Age, this series of swashbuckling adventures follows Thomas Devilstone, a dispossessed knight, alchemist, necromancer and mercenary, in his quest for fame and fortune. From the murderous intrigues of Henry VIII's court and the blood soaked battlefields of Europe, to the strange new worlds of The Americas, Africa and The Orient,Thomas must use his wits,courage and knowledge of the occult to survive.

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The Devil's Band

To escape a death sentence for practising witchcraft,Thomas Devilstone flees abroad and joins the White Rose rebels plotting to overthrow Henry VIII. Thomas' quest to restore the House of York to the English throne takes him from the foetid dungeons of The Tower of London to war torn Northern Italy, where he must lead a company of battle hardened landsknecht mercenaries against their sworn enemies, the renegade Black Band...

The first installment of The  Devilstone Chronicles will shortly be published as an eBook

The Devil's Lance

Lord Dracul, the insane grandson of Vlad the Impaler, believes that only the spear which pierced Christ's side at The Crucifixion can save his kingdom from being conquered by the Turks. Dracul wants Thomas Devilstone to steal the famous Holy Lance of St Longinus but it's kept in the imperial capital and there are others who covet the most precious relic in Christendom...

The second installment of The  Devilstone Chronicles will shortly be published as an eBook

The Devil's Pearl

The Italian Wars are over but Rome is still under siege from a mutinous army of unpaid landsknecht mercenaries and only the lost treasure of Alaric the Goth, buried centuries ago beneath a riverbed, can save the Eternal City from a brutal sack. Thomas Devilstone is the one man in Christendom who can find the fabled Gothic gold but Thomas is chained to the oars of a corsair  galley...

The third installment of The  Devilstone Chronicles will be published next yearas an eBook